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Invoices for 2024-2025 OASFAA Membership, will be sent out to the Designated Member at your Institution prior to May 1 2024.


The Annual OASFAA membership fees for the fiscal year covering May 1st, 2024 to April 30th, 2025 are DUE by July 15, 2024.

For any inquiries, including questions about the invoice or membership details, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Note: Membership access will be removed on July15th if renewal is not complete and payment is not received.

Type of Membership
Institutional Membership
Designated Member Included in the cost for Institutional Membership
Additional Regular Membership
$25 per additional member
Associate Membership
Additional Associate Membership
$25 per additional member

Designated and Regular members will have access to the website content, the OASFAA listserve, access to conferences and are able to participate in Regional and Business Meetings and serve on committees of interest. Associate members are invited to attend OASFAA Conferences, however participation within the association is limited.  

Payment Options

1. Pay by credit/debit card

In order to pay by credit card, simply click the link in the email you receive.  You can download a copy of the invoice, then click the pay now icon and enter your credit card information in the form provided. 

2. Direct Deposit 

In order to expedite your payment, we encourage your institution to pay by direct deposit. Please see instructions and information below.

Royal Bank of Canada
Account: 501 481 6
Institution: 003
Branch Transit: 03452
Branch Address: 925 Stockdale Rd. North Bay ON P1B 9N5

IMPORTANT: Your finance office/accounts payable department at your institution may require an application form where our treasurer provides this information and attaches a void cheque. If they require this please email/contact our OASFAA treasurer directly.




Please mail the cheque to


         Mery Beth Scott, OASFAA Treasurer

         University of Windsor

         401 Sunset Avenue

         Windsor, Ontario

         N9B 3P4

Form completion information

  • Please list each member that you are including in your membership renewal

  • Any names not listed on the form that are current members will be removed as it will be assumed they no longer require membership.

  • Any new members listed on the form will need to create a profile on the OASFAA homepage by clicking on Members Info > Member Log in> Join us
    Once payment has been received, their memberships will be activated.

If you have any questions, please contact the OASFAA Treasurer via email at 


Thank you,

The OASFAA Executive

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